INNO PROJECT 2024 – an innovative development project by Tan Lua Vang

INNO Project by Tan Lua Vang
Throughout Tan Lua Vang’s extensive trajectory spanning over three decades of commercial activities, it has evolved rice mill products and been a market leader. Dues the rice milling industry has undergone transformative changes in response to the evolving market dynamics and economic conditions. Towards future needs and adaptability of customers’ needs, the board of management decided to intervene – this project will help to re-establish a whole business i.e. better management, better product quality and a better future towards sustainability.

Inno project 2024 will be implemented as an innovative development

The objective of this innovation project is to enhance flexibility, and comprehensiveness in the organisation more efficiency. Furthermore, it will improve the performance of business operations, including the expansion network in partnership, the building of a strong brand, and the approach of technology and aligning employees team.

This voyage will signify a significant turning point in the organization’s ascent. What is more, this demonstrates Tan Lua Vang’s dedication to fulfilling the demands of clients and the market at large about product and quality standards.

Our organisation is completely committed to guaranteeing the triumph of this endeavour and providing the utmost benefit to our clients and collaborators. Our upcoming expedition is about to commence.

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