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Rice mill rubber roller


Rice mill rubber roller with aluminum or cast iron drum, outer is covered with selective rubber that has undergone rigorous control and is used as an assembly equipment in the Rice milling machine (Rice husking machine). As the scrubbing system rotates, the rice will pass through and peel off the rice husk to give the rice grain easily without damaging the rice.

Name of Item: Rice mill rubber roller; Rice Huller Rubber Rolls, Paddy Husker Rubber Roll Shell, De-husking rubber roller.

Barrel drum : Aluminium / Cast iron (Paint color on request)
Type of Rubber: Natural Rubber – NBR


Over 30 years of experience in product feature research and production on advanced technology lines, the Rice rubber roller by Tan Lua Vang brand has provided numerous significant partners and loyal customers in the rice mill industry in Vietnam and abroad.

In order to provide solutions that meet the requirements of our clients in terms of both usability and productivity, we employ a team of technicians who create products in response to specific requests. Along with precision, we also prioritize the long life of our rice rubber rollers.

For advice and to order Rice Mill Rubber Roller , please contact us:

            Ms Hường +84.90909.0417 (English/Vietnamese)
            Ms Yến +84.90855.2160 (Vietnamese/Chinese)


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