Marketing business trip in Can Tho City

Hình ảnh của Tân Lúa Vàng ghé thăm công ty của Khách Hàng ở miền Tây
On August 2022, the marketing team from Tan Lua Vang went on a business trip that they had planned. The majority of this trip is to visit our business partner and rice milling factories as planned every three months.

The purpose of this business trip

This business trip’s entirety would be documented and analyzed as main data. The goal of the research is to improve product quality as well as customer service by tracing all of the records of rice rollers, starting with the agents and going all the way to the end consumers.

We performed as follows:

1/ monitoring the company’s products and services from the ordering stage to the delivery stage;

2/ the stability and quality of the rice milling rubber roller while the end-users use it in the machine;

3/ receiving feedback from customers, including agents and rice milling factories;

Still, it’s our job to keep an eye on the process and write it down, so we can think of ways to make it better and share those ideas with the other departments so they can work together.

Short lead-in

Can Tho City is home to several rice milling factories, and NAM VINH PHAT Company is one of our business partners who act as an agent for selling rice rubber rollers. They can be found on Route 91, Quarter Long Thanh 2, Ward Thot Not, District Thot Not, and Can Tho City, Vietnam. Using corporate as a long-term business strategy is something that Nam Vinh Phat and we are very experienced with.
We would like to express our gratitude to our business partner, Nam Vinh Phat Co., for their unwavering support throughout this professional journey. We have also received a lot of positive feedback from customers, which is another reason why we are so happy with our products and services.
A special thanks to Nam Vinh Phat Co. for choosing Tan Lua Vang to become your business partner; and even more so, we are extremely proud to become a trusted supplier of Nam Vinh Phat’s products.
photos with Nam vinh phat client


Visiting clients' factories in Can Tho City 

Photos are taken under the permission of factories in Can Tho.

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