Why Choose Tan Lua Vang?
With many questions, why should you choose Tan Lua Vang‘s rice mill? What are the advantages of Tan Lua Vang? What is the difference between Tan Lua Vang (TLV) and other companies? The following content will together answer everyone’s questions.

TLV’s start-up path

Agriculture in Vietnam

The agricultural sector is one of the most important industries in Vietnam’s economy. Not only that, agriculture has always been the pedestal and the rescue industry for the economy in three major economic recessions from 1986 to the present. According to recorded reference data, agricultural exports accounted for about 30% of all exports in 2005. In 2009, the value of agricultural output reached VND71,473 trillion (compared to 1994 prices), an increase of 1.32% compared to 2008 and accounting for 13.85% of gross domestic product. For the period 2013 to 2014, the net export of agriculture reached 16.1 billion USD in 2013 and increased to 17.5 billion USD in 2014. According to government policy, after 30 years of innovation in the agricultural sector, Vietnam is considered one of the countries with agricultural policies that attract many investors and startups. Currently, the economy contributes 90% to developing important agricultural industries for the whole country, such as rice, coffee, livestock, cotton yarn, peanuts, rubber, sugar, tea, etc., through unprocessed raw exports. In particular, free trade has created many trade opportunities between countries, so many factories have exported rice to many foreign markets. These factors have helped Vietnam become the second country in the world in terms of rice exports. According to data released by the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), in the first six months of 2022, the country’s rice exports are estimated at 3,520 million tons, up 16.2% over the same period in 2021, earning about 1.72 billion USD. Rice is one of 28 commodities with an export value reaching over 1 billion USD in the first 6 months of 2022 [InforGraphics].
Infographics - rice production in vietnam
Infographics – rice production 6 months 2022 in Vietnam

Why choose a rice rubber roller?

There are various opportunities and difficulties in the sector as Vietnam’s agriculture develops. By producing spare parts for rice mill machinery to service the agricultural business, we have begun to participate in the revolution of altering agricultural methods. TLV’s goal has never been to subjugate consumers through the use of human labour, the advancement of machinery, or technological innovation. We are aware that success and growth are our constant goals, and we hope that clients will recognize Tan Lua Vang’s worth as a result of the high calibre of the rice mill. After more than 32 years of starting up and growing the business, the Lua Vang brand has steadily risen to become one of the top names in making and selling rice milling rubber rollers in the Vietnamese market and exporting them to many other countries, including rice-growing and rice-exporting countries.

Why did TLV become the top brand in the market?

Prestige and Customer Service

As we develop manufacturing and business in the open market and more than 32 other countries, we employ a customer service management philosophy that is unique to each of our locations. Because of this, numerous manufacturing facilities and customer partners have put their faith in our company and our products. Despite confronting competition and challenges in both the domestic and international markets, TLV Company has been recognised with awards such as “Reputable Enterprise for Exporting in Vietnam” for many years. The company is highly regarded by its clientele. Also, we encourage businesses to work together with businesses from other countries and to form partnerships with businesses from other countries.

Diversify models of products in designs and sizes.

In the early 1990s, the Vietnamese market was dominated by products with dimensions of 4″ x 8 ¾”, 6″ x 8 ¾”, since machinery had not yet been invested in or developed. However, the evolution and modernisation of electrical technology equipment is extremely quick across all industries, not just the rice milling business. This technique will expedite the production increases of numerous factories. Numerous firms began to expand their markets and invest in a variety of European and Asian milling machines. Over time, the product sizes steadily changed as well, going from 10″ to 12″ to 14″ or even more, and metal materials were used to link them to machines that used greater sizes of rice mill rubber roller. As a result, we consistently keep up with the industry’s technological machinery, machinery technology, and spare parts in order to constantly develop and remain competitive with the industry in creating varied goods in terms of designs, rubber quality, and sizes. Each machine model utilizes rubber of the appropriate size and quality. They can also be changed to fit the needs of customers based on where they live and the weather.

Professionalism and Human Resource Experience

If machine technology is atomic, then the employees will be the “nucleus,” playing a crucial role in the construction and growth of the company. Proudly, the success of TLV is attributed to the professional, competent, and highly experienced elite staff of Tan Lua Vang. In the process of collaboration and problem-solving, all levels of professionals, from upper management to technicians, have an organized approach to work, analyzing, and communicating clearly. The company also encourages its employees to learn by giving them courses and practice spaces where they can try out the newest technologies in the world.

Research and development (R&D)

Tan Lua Vang has established a “Laboratory” section with seasoned technicians and managers in the field in order to monitor and maintain the product’s stability in conjunction with research and development (R&D). career. Daily monitoring of data will include the following:
  • Rollers (drums, rubber) are checked for quality at the end of each production shift to make sure that each product delivered that day is of the highest quality.
  • The Chemical Material Administration
  • Evaluate suppliers regularly in order to make modifications as necessary.
  • Conduct research and development on abrasion, heat resistance, and durability in use.
  • Detect products’ flaws both before and after manufacture.

The facilities and machinery in production

All machinery and equipment on the assembly line is up to par with rubber industry standards. The machinery used in the production comes from Europe and Asia. The mechanical division also contributes to the creation of adaptable machinery and tools for use by other divisions. As a result, we can conserve and reuse more materials.

Raw materials for the production

Tan Lua Vang currently imports more than 90% of its raw materials used in production from Europe and Asia to ensure the “quality safety” of the rice mill rubber roller coupled to the metal drum. The acquisition of raw materials takes place directly with the suppliers (factories). TLV is responsible for ensuring that the quantity and quality of the raw materials are satisfactory before they are used in manufacturing and after they have been delivered to the factory warehouse. The input and output technology are used to control the process very precisely at each step, from placing an order to making the product.

Quality management

Tan Lua Vang has chosen and implemented ISO 9001 and the JIS System of Japan to monitor product quality, ensuring that the rice mill rubber roller is produced in accordance with international quality standards. When it comes to managing its production system and its employees, TLV uses the 5S-Kaizen approach to ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency and to boost the productivity of its everyday operations. According to historical data recorded, the company’s daily output increased from 20–30 units per product per day in 1990 to the current rate of 2500–3000 units per product per day. Additionally, feedback from customers and partners indicated that the rice milling shaft product contributed to a fracture rate of less than 1% during the rice milling process, which is a significant improvement. Most importantly, the product can improve the appearance and cleanliness of milled rice without lowering its nutritional value.

Long-Standing Brand

TLV is recognized for its exclusive trademark “Lua Vang” (since 1990), which has been registered. “Lua Vang” is a well-known brand in the rice milling sector throughout Vietnam and internationally. Vietnam-made rice husk rollers have left an indelible mark on the roller industry. It was not yet fashionable, and the equipment was designed to service the agricultural sector. T“Lua Vang” brand has expanded and is continuously broadening and upgrading its position from “output to quality of rice grain” to the benefit of consumers. Despite confronting several challenges, including the financial crisis and the COVID epidemic, the company’s accomplishments are noteworthy. So, “Lua Vang” brand is very proud to have won many prestigious awards in recent years, the most important of which is the “Silver Award for National Quality 2015 in Vietnam.”

What is the National Quality Award? 
The Prime Minister gives the National Quality Award every year to organizations and businesses that have done a great job in terms of quality in production, sales, and services; raised the status of Vietnam’s products, goods, and services; improved the capacity, competitiveness, and integration of organizations in the domestic and international markets; and built a culture and movement around productivity.

(Source from Vietnamese website translated).

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