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Rice Rubber Polisher Brakes / Polishing Bar

Rice Polisher Rubber Brake is the name of the auxiliary component used in rice-whitening machinery (for example, the rice-whitening machinery of Bui Van Ngo Company or Bùi Văn Company).
The output quality of the finished rice is determined by the rice grain’s brilliance and degree of polishing, as well as the paddy residue that remains in the rice after husking.
Rubber Type: Natural Rubber (NBR)
Characteristics of the product: Rice whitening and rice polishing
Size: According to the milling machine
Consumers and businesses, such as rice millers, rely on and frequently use this product.

For advice and to order Rice rubber polisher brakes/ rice polishing bar, please contact us:

            Ms Hường +84.90909.0417 (English/Vietnamese)
            Ms Yến +84.90855.2160 (Vietnamese/Chinese)


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