Lich Su Hinh Thanh
     With the annual economic growth in Vietnam, rice agriculture has contributed a large part of the GDP, making Vietnam a leading agricultural country. Since then, the demand for rice milling in factories has been increasing, requiring technology and equipment to be stable, durable and continuously improved.
     1990 – Realizing that the innovation of the rice rubber roller from a simple rubber composite design to a higher-performance product was great potential, for that reason, Tan Lua Vang Rice roller co., ltd was born.
     In 2004Tan Lua Vang continued to develop the existing foundation, built a separate laboratory for the R&D department and launched a variety of higher technology products.

     With more than 30 years of operation, so far Tan Lua Vang has become one of the leading factories producing rice mill rubber roller (also known as rubber roller), which is trusted and trusted by partners and people in Vietnam. Tan Lua Vang is confident it be the leading company in the field (owning modern machinery, the most advanced technology, input materials carefully selected, applying Japanese technology standards (JIS) … ), all production processes are strictly controlled by the ISO 9001: 2015 system along with specific standards to create appropriate formulas to meet all the machine criteria of each region where prices Reasonable acquisition brings satisfaction to customers.

   Tan Lua Vang has made a great reputation at home and abroad, with the paddy husking roller produced by the company, which is present in most of Vietnam: the Mekong Delta, the Central provinces, the North and countries that have developed rice milling industry in the world. To obtain that achievement, we always give birth to the right products with the motto: PRODUCT QUALITY & REASONABLE PRICE.
   More than anyone else, we understand that customer satisfaction is a measure of our business success. Therefore, we always respect and listen to our customers’ ideas and expectations for the best results.

History of establishment:

History Of Establishment Tan Lua Vang

Company‘s Vision, mission and core values

• Vision:

     Tan Lua Vang is determined to affirm its position in the rice milling industry in Vietnam. We are constantly investing, constantly innovating to bring advanced products and the best quality of service. The goal of the business is to gradually become the most efficient enterprise to the largest rice rubber roller manufacturing equipment supplier.

     Along with that is the desire to build a separate brand to reach Asia and the Americas market, bringing leading products to international markets in the future.

• The mission of the company :

     Becoming the most reliable partner of customers thanks to the ability to provide rice mill rubber rollers with diverse, quality, reputable services based on the customer always being the focus, gradually surpassing the expectations of customers.

    In addition, the Company also creates a professional working environment, where each member can develop competencies, contribute value and create long-term careers. Tan Lua Vang pays special attention to the development of human resources through continuous training of employee working skills to suit the increasingly innovative market, contributing to improving the quality of personnel. enterprise.

    With the goal of sustainable development, Tan Lua Vang always produces products with the motto “Product quality and reasonable price”. Therefore, the company’s products are always chosen as a priority because they can save costs and improve efficiency for milling enterprises. 

• The value of Tan Lua Vang:

    The corporate culture is built on the three core values that create the strength of Tan Lua Vang and at the same time, is the foundation for the sustainable development of the business and bringing success to the company. customers.

   1. The spirit of self-discipline
      “To succeed needs to be proactive”

     Tan Lua Vang always works with a plan and implementation discipline, each individual is active in thinking and actions to complete the job well. 

   2. Quick response
    “To lead, needs flexibility”

     The power of Tan Lua Vang is created from a capable team of rapid grasping and solving problems quickly.

   3. Always innovating and constantly innovating
      “To develop needs to change”

     The whole team of the Company is always ready to take on challenges from market changes or from fastidious customers. Catching up with the trend and flexible improvisation in product innovation will create new ways, new results and new breakthroughs.

   With good financial capacity and determination to invest, Tan Lua Vang’s leaders have quickly developed the human resources and equipment both in quantity and quality. Thanks to the focus on resources, the company can grasp technology, and a sense of service, and build a professional workflow. Therefore, we are always ready for future projects.

  •  Employees are trained in Sales skills, creating close and reputable relationships with customers; Customer care skills (quickly answering all customers’ questions through a very clear understanding of the characteristics of the product).
  •  Creating peace of mind for customers through a strict quality control system at all stages of production.
  •  Improving production according to customers’ requirements.